Located in the heavy snowfall Matsunoyama hot spring, inn of private open-air bath

 Accommodation reservation is Kazunori Murayama. I do not speak English. Foreigners come occasionally. but, they can speak Japanese. Or those who are married to a Japanese woman. It is often those who come by car. If you come by car, we will go to pick up Matsudai Station.



 Onsen is that of the Japanese hot spring. Matsunoyama Onsen might be hidden spring. There are many people who do not know even in Japanese. However, people who like Onsen, you know Matsunoyama Onsen. Because of this Onsen is great. One of Japan's three great medicinal hot springs. Effectiveness to scratch, there is a beautiful skin effect, warm the body well.



 Matsunoyama is heavy snowfall area. Snow wall will be 3 m. In Matsunoyama hot spring, you put in a hot spring while surrounded by snow. In this ryokan, because there is a private open-air bath you put in a hot spring to relax. It becomes continuous snow cover from around December. January and February is the good time. When it comes to March, will rapidly melting snow.

松之山温泉 山の森のホテル ふくずみさん(@onsen_fukuzumi)が投稿した写真 -

松之山温泉 山の森のホテル ふくずみさん(@onsen_fukuzumi)が投稿した動画 -

松之山温泉 山の森のホテル ふくずみさん(@onsen_fukuzumi)が投稿した動画 -

Rooms all 10 rooms

With open-air bath Japanese and Western room 2(Non smoking)
Japanese-style room 6(Non smoking5、Smoking1)
Western style room 2

Hot spring bath

Indoor bath(man1、Woman1)
private open-air bath 2

Spring quality

Sodium calcium - chloride

In the inn

The hotel's 4-story, front and lobby on the first floor, indoor bath. eating place and banquet hall and Western one room on the second floor. The third floor in the lobby and the Japanese-style 6 rooms and Western 1 rooms. 4th floor two rooms and private open-air bath open-air bath with Japanese and Western room are two to.



 From Tokyo, Niigata direction, the transfer in the "Echigo Yuzawa" station, Hokuhoku line "Matsudai" station and get off. 20 minutes by bus. Pick-up, please contact us.
 From Hokuriku district, the transfer in the "Naoetsu" station, Hokuhoku line "Matsudai" station and get off. 20 minutes by bus. Pick-up, please contact us.


 From the Tokyo area, about 50 minutes in 353 National Highway from Kan'etsudo "Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC".